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go long on eurusd. Interpretation of the correlation tables, some currency pairs may be strongly correlated, and some may have a weaker correlation, be it positive or negative. Another examples of the same can be seen at this report of changes in short term Forex correlations and also at another report talking about temporarily misaligned correlations of GBP/USD and EUR/USD. This means that the British pound or Swiss franc would tend to weaken when the euro is getting weaker or vice versa. This makes these two pairs negatively correlated currency pairs.

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A single bias, however three trades! Let us know down in the comments section. Which one do you trade? For example, the British economy or the Swiss economy would be more influenced by the developments in the European Monetary Union. We will have a coefficient in the range of 1 to 1, but not the absolute 1, 1,. This is because even though the world economies may be interdependent, the direction of two economies as well as market sentiments cannot have absolute correlation. You simply look at the US dollar index, work out if the US dollar is likely to strength or weaken according to your own analysis. To learn more click here. Correlation value range, a correlation coefficient of 1 between any two currency pairs means that those two pairs always move in the same direction.

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