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Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission ( licence 078/07 ) and authorised by the Financial Services Board (FSB) ( authorisation 45052 ). Register Open your Live Trading Account via FxPro Direct. It provides the practical solution for account managers and traders who handle concurrent accounts. Of Shares Value USD Margin Requirement Opening Price Margin 25,000 83,480.63.0.55 25,000 (Value USD) *.0 (margin req.) /.3095 /.8850 862.88 EUR 25,000.0.55 25,000 (Value USD) *.0 (margin req.) /.3095 /.8850 2,157.20 EUR 25,000.00.55.

Why FxPro Learn more about the advantages of trading with an award- winning an d trusted broker. FxPro customers benefit from access to trading accounts with some of the best trad ing conditions in the industry. Choose a platform from the FxPro trading platform download centre. CTrader, MT5 an d MT4 trading platforms available. FxPro Getting Started Start trading with FxPro Information on how forex tr ading works for beginners and advanced traders.

For example, if a trader has a position in Silver and then starts trading Gold, his/her margin requirement for Gold will not be affected by the existing Silver positions. Open Lots, maximum Leverage 0-100, max 1:, max. In this example, the account leverage is less than symbols relevant values in the Leverage Monitor table, so the margin required would be as below: Lots, maximum, leverage, applicable, leverage, margin 0-100 1:500 1:50 100 (lots) * 100,000 / 50 (leverage) 200,000 USD :200 1:50. For more information please read ' Cookie Disclosure '. Harnessing speed, multi-bank liquidity and advanced functionality, FxPro cTrader is powerful and user-friendly using proven technology that will enable you to trade at a higher level. Margin (Units*Margin Required*Opening Price) Margin Margin CCY.,000 10,000 USD.,000 10,000 USD.,000 20,000 USD.,000 40,000 USD.,000 32,000 USD Total Margin Required 112,000 Utilised Leverage is 1:50 Example 2 Indices Client Account Leverage 1:100 Consider a EUR account with 250 Lots of #France120 at 4,000. Furthermore, a trader with 6 positions of 50 lots Buy (or Sell and a trader of a single position of 300 lots Buy (or Sell would require the same margin; given their accounts have identical leverage settings. Sponsorship History Awards, globally Regulated, low Spreads Competitive Pricing. This includes the Best Forex Provider award at the prestigious Investors Chronicle and Financial Times Investment and Wealth Management Awards, which we have received four years in a row (2013-2017). Margin (Units*Margin Required*Opening Price) Margin Margin CCY.2.2 25*0.2*7,300 365.00 GBP.5.5 25*0.5*7,300 912.50 GBP.,300 3,650.00 GBP.5.5 100*1.5*7,300 10,950.00 GBP.,300 43,800.00 GBP.,300 14,600.00 GBP Total Margin Required 74,277.50 GBP Utilised Leverage is 1:54.05 Shares Margin Requirements As in forex trading, FxPro uses a dynamic.

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