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tips is always to put a limit on the amount of money youre willing to risk losing. But the fact was it was only me against myself. Some of the most important things I have learnt have.#1 Learning what emotions are? Well thats the conclusion of Charter 2, I cant type anymore lol.Hopefully I havent bored you to death with the length of the posts.I will be back later with Chapter. Covey says have time to sharpen the saw.#5 The quickest way is by far the longest way, keep trying to take shortcuts and the journey to your destination will take twice as long #6 I have learnt that markets dont care what macd, Stochastic, RSI, overbought. After giving up for the like 5th time which was my longest period away from the game (about a two months) it all started to change. I see this problem everywhere with aspiring traders blaming everything they can and it drives me nuts!

Find answers to your Forex and share trading questions. Hey guys, can you please share here your experience with Australian brokers? See i f we can find one which ticks all the boxes. I would say only trade a pair that you know very well and start off with.

The key word is YOU! Forex traders should know the below important forex trading tips to get the highest probability of success in the market. Making excuses and blaming the market, the broker, the system or blaming a signal from someone that you followed is not being accountable and is irresponsible! Then one day something changed again!

It is important to note that CFDs are geared trading products and can result is losses far greater than your initial investment. The market will always be faced with several unpredictable and unfavorable conditions. Lets study n analyse this for a sec. If somebody is creating money quite quickly, then probably they have some big experience in Forex trading. Forex trading is the act of buying foreign currencies and selling it when the time is right, just like shares. T still don't work. I have tried range charts, Renko charts, even tried trading without price, tried trading news so on and so on, you get my point. Be sure you are comfortable with the system and that it works well for you. The market is just information which you interpret. Blaming The Market: The market does not know nor does it care about what you think, nor what direction your trade is going. This leads me to #7. I used all the mainstream indicators, hundreds of custom indicators, i have tried so so many systems created by others, i tried complicating things, I tried not complicating things, I tried using a tight Stoploss, very wide stoploss to not even having a stoploss.

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