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Using Paradise Trading System. Plan 3 10,001 - 25,000.70. Last Updated by Registrar: enom, INC.

Perfect Money: U12248273 (Forex Paradise 2 Ltd). To precisely define the pivot point from financial perspective, a pivot point is a price level which is used by the traders as an indicator for forecasting the market movement. It is a dotted line that moves along with the price. In short pivot points help the traders to identify the high probable support and resistance levels.

Paradise Trading System Entry/Exit Trend. Like in the buy position here also you should set you stop loss by 20 pips from the entry level and take profit should be 40 pips away from the entry level. Selling Conditions Using Paradise Trading System. The support and resistance which are shown by the pivot points are often the turning points of the price direction. Self discipline is must to master any trading system. Auto pivot indicator is an amazing technical indicator which automatically plots the pivot points on the main screen. . Even a newbie can easily understand this trading method and trade profitably without having past experience in the market. . Many traders fail in the market not because of lack of knowledge but because of the psychological aspects of trading which they are unaware. Pivot points are used to figure out the support and resistance in the market. Plan 4 25,001 - 500,000.90.

1.00 has been successfully sent to your EgoPay account. This is a trend following strategy which is designed to apply in the intraday time frames.  It is really a simple trading strategy. Open demo account to test this system. Paradise Trading system generally consists of three technical indicators.