forex introducing broker agreement

and indemnifies and holds the Broker harmless against and from any liability, cost or expense it may incur in connection with doing. Segregation OF classes.1 Where a PCC issues or has issued more than one Class of investments, and the assets attributable to each Class are segregated from those attributable to other Classes (whether through the establishment of segregated accounts, protected cells, segregated portfolios or otherwise). Key Benefits of the Program, unlimited earning potential as rebates are paid for as long as clients continue to trade. In relation to activities connected with the USA, the Broker shall procure the proper performance of these Services by such entity but the Broker shall at all times remain responsible for performance of the Services in accordance with this Agreement. 32.2 Each party hereby agrees that any legal proceedings may be served on it by delivering a copy of such proceedings to it at its respective address set out in this Agreement. The parties shall negotiate in good faith to immediately replace the affected provision of this Agreement with another provision which creates rights and obligations as nearly identical to the affected provision as is possible, but is not invalid, unenforceable or illegal. Competitive package and conditions, full support provided for clients, work on your own schedule. In relation to each Agreement so constituted, the parties agree that the services of the Introducing Broker and Broker thereunder are provided to the PCC acting in respect of the relevant Class only. 11.4 In the event that the Broker is or becomes geld im internet verdienen ohne vorkosten subject to a Regulatory Event which is or is reasonably likely to be relevant to its provision of Services under this Agreement, the Broker shall (so far as it is permitted to do.

Forex introducing broker agreement
forex introducing broker agreement

10.5 Within one calendar month of the last date of any Assessment Period, the Introducing Broker shall provide to the Broker aggregate volume data sufficient to enable the Broker to monitor and verify compliance with clause.1 in respect of such Assessment Period. The arrangement allows for specialization where the IB focuses on the client while the FCM focuses on trading floor operations. Entire Agreement. Any Non-Qualifying PCC which becomes party to this Agreement by way of an Accession Letter after the date of this Agreement shall receive the Services pursuant to the terms of this Agreement except that, as between the Broker and that PCC, clauses.1 and.2. Signed by: Name: Date: For and on behalf of: fund * Delete as appropriate - 30 - signed by and on behalf of the parties on the date which first appears in this Agreement. Allocation of a dedicated account manager. 7 -.2 Having been introduced by the Introducing Broker to the Broker, the PCC hereby appoints the Broker, upon the terms of the Account Documentation as amended and supplemented by this Agreement, to:.2.1 operate Accounts and act as clearing broker in respect. 21.3 For the purposes of this Agreement, where a force majeure event prevents the Broker from performing its obligations under clauses 9 and 14 to segregate funds and provide protection for assets of the PCC by way of segregation for any reason (including illegality such.

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