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card, awards education center, trade our hot assets and claim free trading tools. 4) dont listen TO anything BUT THE chart, because the chart reflects everything! So, without further ado, here are my 9 not-so-secret secrets to successful Forex trading: 1) pick ONE trading method and keep it clean and simple. Dont change your exit strategy once your trade is live just because you think the trade is going to charge on in your favor forever, only change it if you have a very obvious price action-based reason to.

forex station twitter

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Know what your exit strategy is before entering the trade, if you are not exiting on a binäre optionen android pre-set risk reward setup, than make certain you dont tell yourself that you will just figure it out as the trade unfolds, this never works. It is very easy to feel over-confident or in control of the market after a string of winning trades. Feel free to add any of your own ideas or concepts presented in my forex trading course to the outline presented here. Not to mention, your frazzled and obnoxious existence from risking too much will probably make your wife or roommates want to kill you or send you to the loony bin. This is part of developing the positive trading habits that are so crucial to becoming a long-term profitable trader. Being able to recognize this feeling of euphoria or over-confidence and calmly and consciously over-ride it by walking away from your trade station for a period of time is the best medicine to fix this emotional trading mistake that so many traders make. One on one session's with a financial expert. Pro traders are always consciously aware of how they are feeling and whether or not their emotions are influencing their trading activities. Pourquoi choisir ProRealTime en 10 raisons. 2) anticipate your trades and follow some kind of written plan.

Quilp, you remind me of the only survivor of a major plane crash, you having argued to get your preferred seat got the biggest grave which you also argued. Having a Forex Trading Plan is one of the most important pieces to the puzzle of becoming a consistently profitable Forex trader. Yet for many traders. Myfxbook is a forex community and a free service for forex traders enabling you to analyze your forex trading account, share your trades, publish your.